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These Heated Gloves Are Exactly What We All Need Now That It’s Fresh AF

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Fellow commuters, and anybody else who ventured outside in Manchester this morning will have noticed that times are changing out there.

It’s getting bloody cold.

If you’re anything like me, once it get’s bitter out there you spend 3 months straight with ice cold hands and feet.

It doesn’t have to be this way, pals.


Say hello to your new best friend.

These are battery-heated waterproof gloves.

They are rechargeable, come in two different sizes, and you can get them in red or brown.

Made by Warmspace, and found on IWantZone.

There are apparently 9 sets left at £35 as oppose to £45. But we all know what these sites can be like..

Either way, I’m in for them and I’ll write up a review once I’ve used them for a few weeks. If you want to hold out for a bit.

Until then, mon amigo.

Stay warm.

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