The UK Is Bracing Itself For 'Thundersnow' As Deep Freeze Spreads Across UK

It's getting bad out there

Snow Uk

Absolutely bitterly icy out there, isn't it? And now according to weather experts, we're about to experience a bout of 'thundersnow' as the UK braces itself for another temperature plunge.

The band of cold weather which has been prevalent across the country over the past few weeks has brought snow and ice country-wide and now some regions are at risk of this weather phenomenon.

If you're wondering what 'thundersnow' is, it's basically exactly what it sounds like, i.e. snowfall accompanied by thunder and lighting. The Evening Standard quotes a Met Office spokesperson who said:

"When thunderstorms form in wintry conditions, they can sometimes give rise to heavy downpours of snow, along with the usual thunder and lightning, so it is called thundersnow.
"It is considered unusual because it can only really occur during a few months of the year."

Experts say that yellow ice warning are likely to remain in place across the UK for the duration of this week as cold air moves in behind the rain.

Showers are forecast to bring sleet and snow, though major flurries will be keenest felt on higher ground.

Remain vigilant if you're driving!

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