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“The Most Severe Snowfall In Years” Forecast To Blanket The UK In Winter Lockdown

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The arrival of snow across the UK has been – apparently – oncoming for a week or so now and with the air feeling particularly bitter in Manchester it’s no shock at all really, is it?

It seems we could be seeing the white stuff sooner than expected as the Met Office has confirmed that snow is on the way today as temperatures plunge to sub-zero with ice and blizzards possibly crippling the nation until March or April. Christ…

Forecasters say the Arctic storm is set to fall upon the North of Britain – initially hitting Scotland then spreading throughout the North – as the country is warned to prepare for a lengthy, heavy and disruptive (not to mention unusually severe) winter.

Thermometers will nosedive throughout today with much of the country forecast to be well below freezing by Saturday and throughout Sunday with persistent snowfall predicted throughout the rest of the month – with today’s alarm bell just marking the start of a series of snow events over the coming weeks and months.

Those of you who revelled in last year’s Beast From The East will no doubt be hoping this is a sign of things to come. One day off work is all the nation asks (maybe two).

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