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Met Office Snow And Ice Warning Now Covers The WHOLE Of England

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The Met Office yellow weather warning for snow and ice has been extended to cover the whole country today. So prepare yourselves for it to get a whole lot colder across England this week with weather experts forecasting snow, sleet and widespread frost.

Just when we thought we’d seen the worst of it after a weekend of wind warnings and heavy rain, the weather forecaster has issued a fresh weather warning for the whole week.

Sub-zero conditions could make the rush hour journey home both on Monday and Tuesday night tricky for travellers driving long distances with sleet, snow and frost expected.

The Met Office has predicted heavy rain and sleet across Wales, and especially the North and West of England which will have moved eastwards by Wednesday morning.

The status yellow weather warning predicts a very cold week with scattered wintry showers and some accumulations of snow are expected by Thursday afternoon and into the weekend.

Temperatures by day will remain unsettled but well below average for the time of year, night frosts and some ice, with a continued risk of some wintry precipitation, especially across areas over higher ground.

There will be widespread frost at night with icy stretches on untreated surfaces. There is also the possibility of more significant sleet and snow come Thursday.

Our advice?

Wrap up warm and drive carefully, and double check your route home before you leave for last-minute changes.

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