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Met Office Is Forecasting Some Unseasonably Warm Weather This Week

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There are many of us who would have stuck the heating on for the first time in months over the past few days as the first real chilly weather of autumn took hold.

Those who head to work early in the mornings would have felt a bit of a bite in the air so you would assume that it was time to take the winter gear out of the wardrobe.

Au contraire, wooly jumper enthusiasts.

Met Office is predicting some fairly unseasonably warm weather for later this week, with temperatures reaching highs of 19 degrees on Wednesday.

A forecast says that we will see ‘mainly dry with a mixture of sunny spells and patchy cloud’ for later this week.

Before that, today will see skies ‘gradually start to cloud over from the northwest into the afternoon’, with the odd spot of rain tonight.

After the highs of Wednesday and Thursday, temperatures on Friday should reach 15 degrees, with things cooling down again on Saturday.

Better make the most of the warm weather while we can, eh? The full forecast can be found here.

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