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‘Beast From The East 2’ Forecast To Bring The UK An Early Winter

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Remember earlier this year when the dreaded Beast from the East hit us with full force, creating blankets of snow across Greater Manchester and submerging us in below-zero temperatures?

Well apparently something similar is on the way, but not at Christmastime when one would expect it. No, forecasters are predicting a Beast From The East type icy blast will hit us over the next coming weeks.

The ‘winter freeze’ has been predicted to hit the UK as early as October, The Mirror reports, which means sub-zero temperatures could sweep the country by the end of the month.

The forecast adds that overnight temperatures are likely to sink to single digits towards the end of the week, with bouts of heavy rain and strong winds predicted across the North of England.

According to The Mirror, forecasters have predicted an ‘arctic blast’ towards the end of October, bringing with it freezing temps and possible frosts to some of the country.

Better get the winter wardrobe ready, eh?

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