10 Mancunian Words That Might As Well Be A Foreign Language


Whether you're a visitor or a local, Mancunian words and phrases are well and truly a mystery. Where did they come from? Who knows, but we've rounded up a quick list of Manc words that might as well be a foreign language.

1. Owt

Meaning: Anything

"Have you been up to owt?"

2. Nowt

Meaning: Nothing

"I've got nowt on"

3. 'Angin

Meaning: Horrible/Disgusting

"That food is 'angin"

4. Cadge

Meaning: Ask for or obtain

"Can I cadge a quid?"

5. Scran

Meaning: Food

"Got any scran?"

6. Mooch

Meaning: Wander

"I'm going to have a mooch around the shops"

7. Bobbins

Meaning: Rubbish

"I thought that episode was bobbins"

8. Fettled

Meaning: Repaired

"I'm getting my car fettled"

9. Keks

Meaning: Trousers

"Put your keks on"

10. Mither

Meaning: Bother

"Don't mither me"


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