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Want To Know How Long Your Relationship Will Last? This Online App Will Tell You

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This is half hilarious, half terrifying. A new app created by popular sci-fi show Black Mirror is a mock-up on the episode Hang the DJ. 

Haven’t seen it? Basically, it’s a futuristic dating world where couples can see their relationship expiry date – when they will break up – by simultaneously pressing a button. 

Now YOU can do the same. If you want to test your relationship just head to Coach Dating where it will reveal how long you and your bae have left together in this cruel, lonely world.

Three years? Three hours? There’s only one way to find out…

You click the button and it gives you a link to share with your partner – make sure you press the link at the same time to reveal your relationship expiry date…

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If your partner chooses not to reveal when you will break up and you do the app recalibrates to punish your sneaky behaviour…


I tried testing out the app by myself using two links so couldn’t quite press the button at the same time which meant the app thought my “partner” was trustworthy and I wasn’t. The result? We’re doomed to break up in seven minutes.

Screen Shot 2018 02 14 At 09 57 21

Good to know, I guess?

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