Ten Of The Best Reactions From The World Cup Despite England's Defeat

It may be coming home sooner than we'd like but England are still showing incredible support...

Getty Images England World Cup

The whole nation came together last night in the hope of watching the England team play their way to the World Cup finals.

Sadly, the result wasn't the one we'd hoped for but I don't think I've ever seen this country come together the way it has over the last few days and for that, we thank Gareth Southgate and his team.

This morning, the weather is shit, everyone seems to be in 'mourning' but despite the result, there is nothing but love for the young team - just look at the support.

1. We all think Gareth Southgate is a legend

2. This kid knows...

3. It's only fair

4. The thoughts of the nation

5. Thank you

6. Slightly less positive thoughts

7. Waistcoat sales are up

8. That goal though

9. Alan Shearer says it all

10. But lets face it, this is how we're all feeling this morning

It might be a little sooner than we hoped for, but guess what...


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