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The Debate On Whether You Say ‘Tea’ Or ‘Dinner’ Has Finally Been Backed Up By Research

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This debate is a tale as old as time.

It often became a question I would always ask my friends from different parts of the country/world, sending us into a frenzied discussion on what’s right and what’s wrong.

And it all comes down to whether you call your evening meal dinner or tea.

Something that us Northerners are often proud to proclaim is the fact that we say tea for our evening meal, thus confusing visitors who are merely looking for a good cuppa.

A new map from YouGov has revealed the percentage of people who say either “dinner” or “tea” in a new survey, with the results challenging the idea of whether or not it actually reflects a north/south divide.

According to research, most people in England (57%) call it “dinner”, while only a third (36%) say “tea”.

The rest answered with something else, including “supper” (5%) or “don’t know”.

The top three counties that say “tea” are Greater Manchester (no surprises) Tyne and Wear and Merseyside.

Image: YouGov

There does, however, from the map, seem to be a clear north and south divide based on this survey, however YouGov suggest this has nothing to do with class, like some have assumed over the years.

The top three counties that say “dinner” are East Sussex, Essex and Kent.

Reflecting on the research, YouGov said: “Whether you say “dinner” or “tea” is no longer really a class distinction

“While some have suggested that the dinner/tea debate is driven by class, YouGov data reveals this isn’t the case.

Image: YouGov

“While middle class Northerners are nine percentage points more likely to say “dinner” rather than “tea” when compared with their working class counterparts (37% vs 28%), “tea” is still chosen by the majority of people in both classes (58% among middle class and 67% among working class Northerners).”

Hmmmmm, certainly food for thought.

Feature Credit: me.me

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