Manchester Buses Have Done Something Special Ahead Of England's Semi Final Match

The love for our city is real ❤️

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We're not sure how tomorrow's match will turn out for England, but the love and support we've been witnessing ahead of the semi finals has created a wonderful buzz around our city.

Numerous bars around Manchester are screening the match (you can find our full list here) and it was announced yesterday that a free ticketed screening would see 8,000 fans descend on Castlefield Bowl.

I think we can all agree that the place to be for love, support and community is Manchester.

We have a way of bringing people together. Our spirit is like none other that I've witnessed. We create positivity, even when times are tough.

So when I spotted this picture online this morning, I loved our city just a little bit more.

The Stagecoach Greater Manchester bus changing its display screen to 'Come On England' is inherently Manc, just as some buses show 'I <3 MCR'.

It's small gestures of support like this that prove we are one of the greatest cities in the world. And don't argue with me on that one.

Come on England! Bring it home.

Let us know if you spot any buses in or around Manchester with the 'Come On England' display screen.

Feature Credit: Stagecoach Greater Manchester

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