29 Reasons Why You Should Never EVER Consider Setting Foot In Manchester

A disgusting place – its people should be ashamed


Manchester. It’s a pretty poor excuse of a city really.

Lonely Planet named it in the top 10 cities to visit in the world this year. But why? Really, it’s just a bit of a mess and it’s pretty dead.

We’d advise you to just stay at home instead. You’ll probably get more excitement from watching the grass grow in your front yard.

And why?

1. Well, for a start it just looks terrible

Never Visit Manchester 1

2. Take for example the Great Northern Warehouse – utterly deserted and left to ruin

3. I mean, it's not exactly Hollywood material, is it?


4. Don’t even get me started on those hideous canals

5. There's just no escaping this concrete jungle

Never Visit Manchester 2

6. And having the Peak District on your door step is just plain irritating

Never Visit Manchester 3

7. The night life is still incredibly dull

8. There’s clearly no culture to speak of at all, in fact

9. And sport? What sport?

10. The music scene is quite simply non-existent

I mean, who even ARE Oasis? Or The Smiths. Or The Stone Roses. Or Joy Division. Or New Order. Or Everything Everything.

1 Oasis

11. And Coronation Street isn’t exactly a big deal, right?

12. And I wouldn’t bother looking through the markets. Not much to see there.

Never Visit Manchester 4

13. The restaurants aren't up to much either. The 'curry mile'? Pah. Never even heard of it.

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14. Nor is there anywhere nice to go for a drink

15. Or do your shopping


16. Especially at Christmas

Shutterstock 346304060

17. Rainy day options are strictly limited


18. And the city hasn’t really achieved anything

19. The buskers are nothing to write home about

20. In fact, across the board there’s no imagination to speak of

21. And too many DAMN hipsters

22. The people are so unwelcoming

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23. While there’s nothing worse than having too many coffee shops to choose from

Each of them equally lovely and relaxing. UGH.

24. The weather, of course, is just vile


25. And the graffiti! Pure vandalism, nothing more.

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26. And nobody's figured out what the hell to do with all those old buildings


27. So obviously it’s completely irrelevant that the BBC moved here

Never Visit Manchester 5

28. And that it’s called the ‘Capital of the North’

Never Visit Manchester 6

29. Basically, just don’t bother coming. It’s totally not worth it


Never Visit Manchester 7

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