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IT’S COMING HOME: Ten Of The Best Ways The Nation Is Supporting England In the World Cup

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Let’s be honest, the whole ‘It’s coming home’ thing started off as a joke as previous world cups haven’t exactly been Englands time to shine.

But now our young team have actually surprised the whole nation, many fans are actually going absolutely nuts.

With England playing Croatia in the semi-finals on Wednesday at 7pm, the nation is getting ready to support their team for the big day.

1. When the wedding gets in the way

2. When parking wasn’t equated for

3. When you beg Easy Jet to bring you home earlier

4. SHE definitely wasn’t expecting it…

5. Pints for everyone?

6. When Russel Brand creates switches up his vocab

7. When the dog knows it’s coming home…

8. Even Holby City doesn’t want you to watch Holby City

9. For Harry’s sake, maybe it shouldn’t be coming home

10. Rob is pimping out his missus

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