George Ezra Begs Fans To Knock HIS OWN SONG Off The Top Of The Charts For Three Lions

What a legend...

George Ezra Its Coming Home

I absolutely love George Ezra, so I may be biased - but I think he also may be the new hero of the nation (minus the England team) after his latest Instagram post.

The quirky artist has been celebrating the last two weeks at the top of the Official Music Charts with his latest single 'Shotgun'.

But Ezra, 25 years old has posted on his Instagram literally begging fans to knock his own song off the charts by downloading/streaming/listening to the England football teams anthem song 'Three Lions'.


George was also seen on BBC Radio 1 showing his loyalty to the nation's football team singing 'It's Coming Home' to his own songs melody.

So, lets do what the man says and knock his single right off the charts.

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