Financial Expert Shows Public How To Easily Save £2,000 In Just An Hour

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You may have seen that we brought you the '365 Money Challenge' earlier in the year which is a genius way to save a shitload of money without even noticing. 

Most of January through to Easter is spent tightening the belt after an extravagant Christmas period so any help or tips about holding on to your well-earned dosh is always going to be extremely welcome. 

Well, this financial expert has proved - for the second year running - that he can save people a lot of money for the year ahead. 

In 2017, he managed to save a "fictious couple" £2500 in 90 minutes and this year he's back trying to help out Mr and Mrs "Jones" once again. 

Eoin McGee explains how he had again managed to save a "fictious couple" over 2k in less than an hour.

His secret? Searching for the best and cheapest quotes on a whole host of things at the turn of the new year. 

The best bit? The Irish expert's tactics are directly transferable to the UK, too!

In his blog, he made up a 42-year-old couple who were living in a county town with a lot of assets and "a personal loan they got from their bank to buy a car and a credit card with a Christmas hangover of £1500 on it."

Not the nicest treat you want after Christmas. 

By spending time searching the cheapest; Home Insurance (£65), Car Insurance (£170), Life Insurance (£94), Mortgage Rates (£1,298) and Credit Cards Rates (£117), Eoin managed to save the couple £2,000 in total. 

It's obvious to see that the big hitter is the mortgage rate switch and Eoin explains why searching around is vital when it comes to this:

"Clearly there are serious savings to be had if they move from the most expensive to the cheapest, in their case they would save approximately £1500 in the first year or £30,000 during their 20 year term. Yes they will have to pay legals etc but the bank in question would write them a cheque for £2000 which should cover that."

Of course, this particular situation doesn't relate to everyone but if Eoin was to change the characters to a young male/female in their mid-20s, you can be assured he would make some significant savings also.

The moral of the story is to have a scout about this month to try and spot some sneaky saving points in your life for the year ahead.

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