Fancy Taking On The Challenge Of WASABI Flavoured Gin?

Go on, I dare ya...

Skully Gin Smooth Wasabi Gin

The nation has gone 'gin mad' and I don't think the craze is going to stop anytime soon either.

The latest new ginspiration would usually come from sweet and tasty flavours such as violet gin, rhubarb gin or quirky types such as colour-changing gin...

But what about something for the wild ones?

If you're up for the challenge, you can now buy WASABI FLAVOURED GIN.

Say what?!

Wasabi Flavoured Gin

Skully Smooth Wasabi Gin consists of Wasabi root, ginger and mint which gives it the distinct aroma and taste.

Spotted on 'Your' premium store who recommends the exclusive spirit as the perfect ingredient in cocktails such as a Martini, or in a simple mix with grapefruit juice.

So, which one of you is going to give this bad boy a go?

Image credits: Your premium store

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