The Cutest Little Frenchie Pup Is Collecting Rubbish From The Streets Of Manchester And It's Adorable

Cleaning the streets...

Frenchie Maurice

What did we do to deserve dogs?

They're just too cute, and this little Manchester pup has taken it upon himself to clean our dirty streets.

Maurice, a blue French Bulldog, has had enough of littering and has been collecting a piece of rubbish every day for months.

His owners, Dave and Jaime, post about his daily 'litter picking updates' and I just can't cope with Maurice's commitment to helping the society.

You may have spotted Maurice helping out the community, a true Manc, as he's also been seen on the Manchester Bee Trail as well as attending all the local events.

Even his favourite toy is his very own Manchester Bee - look at him.

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Taking his #mcr #bee to the office 👍🏼 #busy #frenchie

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Maurice would like to ask the people of Manchester to help him keep the streets tidy whilst he continues his duties.

Happy Friday people.

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