Anyone Fancy Getting Paid To Eat Avocado Every Day?

We all know someone who'd love this...


Us millennials are apparently known for our ridiculous love for avocado's, making the fat source the reason for our apparent downfall.

Well good news skint flints, because now you can get paid to eat the stuff instead.

A university in California are conducting a study to find out whether the avocado is really beneficial when trying to lose belly fat and they need you to help them.

Loma Linda University in California need 250 avocado eaters to complete the study which will last for 6 months.


Selected participants should be willing to:

  • Visit the Loma Linda University(LLU) campus every two weeks to pick up study items.
  • Attend a total of 8 clinic visits over a course of SIX months(clinics will be at the LLU campus)
  • Under go two MRIs ( An MRI is a magnetic resonance imaging technique that does not use harmful radiation. It is designed to get detailed images of the organs within your body)
  • Provide information on what you eat to clinicians who will call unannounced 4 times during the study.
  • Be equally willing to eat one avocado a day or limit your avocado intake to no more than 2 a month.
  • Follow to the study protocol, even while travelling and/or celebrating Holidays and family events.

Oh and of course, the university is in the states too - hopefully you won't mind the commute?

If you complete the successful study you will be paid $300 and a load of free avocados.


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