Americans Have Only Just Discovered Chip Butties And People Are Baffled

The response from Northerners is hilarious


The humble chip butty has just been discovered in America and quite frankly, we're surprised that it's taken them so long. 

A staple snack of many a hungry guy or gal in the UK (we ate at least two of these bad boys a week in secondary school), the chip butty is, according to NYC based food site Insider Food, a "Turkish sandwich stuffed with fries."

Ah - c'mon lads.

Insider Food has an impressive feed of insane food creations from all over the world but we can't believe they think this chip roll lark has anything to do with the continent... 

And the replies from people on this side of the Atlantic are pure genius...

We're glad it's on their radar though. Plus, it's given us some serious inspo for our dinner tonight... 

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