6 Things Mancunians Are Sick To Death Of Hearing

"Is Manchester near London?"

Being a Manc is great, but sometimes we get sick of all the stereotypes and negativity.

Here are seven things we'd be happy never to hear again.

1. "The weather is shite"

Yes, it rains a lot. We're aware, Ta.

2. "Is Manchester near London?"


3. "It's rough"

No, there aren't scallies everywhere. In fact, some of us are quite posh.

4. "It's ugly"

We'll just leave these here...

John Ryland's Library, Shipping Canal, Castlefield, Manchester Cathedral, Gorton Monastery, St. Peter's Square, Central Library.

5. "Are you City or United?"

6. "There's only one accent"

And we LOVE it when people take the mick.

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