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This Is The Tiniest Pub In Manchester — And You’ve Probably Passed It Hundreds Of Times

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The next time you’re walking up Portland Street towards Piccadilly Gardens, take a moment to stop and find the tiniest pub in Manchester.

Now we’re certain that many of you have walked this path before and have been totally oblivious to this place — it’s a blink-and-you-miss-it kinda spot.

But if you do stop and you do register it, then you’ll have just found Manchester’s tiniest pub – The Circus Tavern.

(Image: The Circus Tavern / Facebook)

The tagline written on the wall says “the smallest bar in Europe, the biggest welcome in the world” – we can’t confirm it is the smallest in Europe, but it certainly remains to be the littlest watering hole you’ll find in our city.

There are only two rooms inside, a front bar room where you pretty much just walk off the street, and another with tables. And behind the bar, there’s only enough space for one person.

(Image: The Circus Tavern / Facebook)

The Circus Tavern is also one of Manchester’s oldest pubs, dating back to the early 1790s – the bar is full of history, so you can sit back and enjoy your drink, taking in some fascinating aspects of our city while you’re at it.

If you’re into the kinda place where you’ll be sitting on someone’s knee, or standing on someone’s toes, whilst enjoying your pint, then you’re gonna want to tick this place off your Manchester pub bucket list.

A true gem!

You can find out more information here.

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