This Bizarre, Addictive Experience Is Something You Have To Do With A Mate This Weekend

Take an hour out just to try it. Trust us.

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The rise of gaming consoles seems to have left its mark on living rooms around the country, but now there’s a new trend that's arrived in Manchester…and it's a bit too addictive for our liking.

Deansgate Mews at the Great Northern has welcomed a new kind of VR experience called Virtual Hideout - and it's the most unusual, addictive thing to do with friends if you're the one entertaining.

The space, formerly occupied by street food space B.EAT Street, is currently undergoing a massive transformation, with eateries Platski and Siam Smiles already launching there this year alongside The Great Northern Bar.

Now, I'm not a gamer and never really have been (apart from the odd bit of Crash Bandicoot - obvs - when I was a young tweenie bobber) so was a little sceptical if I'm honest but I tried to go in with an open-mind and I'm so glad I did.

Virtual Hideout offer experiences catering to novices and seasoned gamers (as well as everyone inbetween), but whatever you pick you are totally immersed - excuse the cliched phrase - in a virtual world that feels all too real and plays host to a variety of cutting-edge games using all of the latest technology.

We tried a few of the classic games including alien shooting and an oddly addictive fruit bashing game wherein the primary aim seems to be to slice as many bananas and mangoes as you can. Possibly a government ploy to encourage us to eat more fruit and vegetables but lots of fun nonetheless.

We did all of this before my friends (again, thanks guys) kindly volunteered me for the 360 "immersive horror experience."

Now, I won't spoil it too much for you but if you've got a fear of spiders or the Saw films give you nightmares for weeks (like me) I'd perhaps all costs.

Other themes include sci-fi simulations with fantasies from Star Wars, Star Trek and Fantastic Beasts.

If you’re partial to a puzzle, you can enjoy the escape room themed games; which is a nice family-friendly option available for kids as young as 6.

"Genuinely immersive and thrilling"

Not only is it fantastic fun and something just a little bit different, there are tons of different packages - all depending on your interests and ability, and each experience includes a trained game host, single headset and lasts one hour, so you don't have to feel nervous if you've not done anything like this before.

Prices tend to vary depending on the number of people taking part and days of the week visited but you can find out more information and book your tickets here.

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