The World Naked Bike Ride Is Hitting Manchester Tonight

Get yer bits out

Ian David

(Feature Credit: Ian Cartwright, Caramel Photography)

The twelfth annual World Naked Bike Ride is upon us - and it's hitting the Manchester streets TONIGHT!

Bare if you dare

The mass annual ride is totally free and takes place in over 70 cities around the planet - with the aim of highlighting both the vulnerability of cyclists and their strength and safety in numbers.

The annual event:

- Protests against fossil-fuelled climate change and the dominance of our streets by cars.

- Celebrates bikes, bodies and low-impact living. If you fancy baring your bits for a worthy cause, you can meet at All Saints Park on Oxford Road, where crowds of naked bikers will be assembling from 6pm on June 8th to set off at 7pm, and it's expected to last approximately 1.5 hours.

Last year the ballsy event amassed over 300 people of all shapes and sizes coming together for a great cause.

While photography is welcomed at the start of the ride, all are asked to be respectful of those they photograph, and where possible to ask for consent.

A protected area will be provided for undressing and preparation, away from intrusion.

This ride is one of many around the UK and worldwide happening during June, including Bristol, London, Brighton, Portsmouth, Southampton, Canterbury, York and Newcastle upon Tyne.

Check out the official website here.

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