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Manchester’s Biggest Cheese Club Have Some Seriously Exciting News

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I know why you’re here.

We all know that cheese is life.

A day without cheese is not a good one – and the more cheese-focused opportunities and events there are across Greater Manchester, the better.

So this is big news. And we should all be suitably excited.

Didsbury Launch

Because Manchester’s best cheese club, Homage2Fromage, is bringing another event to the North-West.

Yes, that’s a CHEESE CLUB. A club entirely and unapologetically devoted to cheese.

This time it’s coming to Didsbury. And I cannot wait to get stuck in.

The event will feature eight delicious cheeses from the Alpine region including melted raclette.


There’ll also be crackers, chutney, fruit and everything else you would associate with a seriously taken cheese and wine night.

Tickets are £15 each and yes, this includes all your cheese 😀

They are expected to sell out fast and you get get them here.

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