Harry Potter Fans’ Dream Escape Room Has Launched In Manchester

⚡ It looks spellbinding - if you're looking for something to do this weekend ⚡


Basilisks, dementors and he who shall not be named....the wizard world is at once wondrous and fraught with terrifying adventure.

Ever thought you have what it takes to use your magical prowess and take on mystical force, following in the footsteps in the steps of Harry, Ron and Hermione?

Well now you can find out.

Lucardo in Manchester has created a University of Magic escape room where we can all live out our wizarding fantasies.

Take a look here:

Behind a stunning mystical backdrop, you and 1-6 friends will cast spells, recite incantations, mix potions and battle with dark forces.

You have 60 minutes to solve a number of puzzles before the time runs out.

If successful, you will have a place as Witches or Wizards of the prestigious Wizard University (we assume it's like Hogwarts, but with more Jagerbombs).

Book online here, then hop on your nimbus and get down there.

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