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Social Darts – The New Manchester Phenomenon That Is SO Much Better Than It Sounds

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Flight Club have brought their social darts concept to Manchester – and if you’re all about the fun activities whilst you get boozy, you won’t want to miss it.

Other than the dramatic cries of “one hundred and eightyyyy”, darts has never really done much for me.

Old men of various shapes and size tend to be the ones playing it. The few occasions I had given it a try, I was beyond useless.

So when I was dragged along to the new kid on the block of Manchester’s bar scene – Flight Club – to partake in their ‘social darts’ concept, I wouldn’t say I was particularly buzzing about it.

Your move, Flight Club.

What I was expecting

We went to check out their new Brunch Social.

I knew that the four of us attending would get a bottle of prosecco each, and be supplied with a steady flow of bottomless pizza across the two hours we spent there.

Flight Club1

I had an inkling that there would be darts (obvs). But I was more excited about the above if I’m honest.

£30 seemed more than reasonable for the prosecco and pizza alone, particularly given the swanky location – just off King Street in Manchester City Centre.

How it panned out

In short, I’d describe the experience as a bloody immense surprise. In long:

The Venue

Flight Club2

They’ve got a big space, but they’ve managed to maintain an intimate feel. The dart “booths” are a big part of this, as each allows you to sit 2 – 8 people (your group) besides each other whilst having enough space to get up, pour your drinks, have a boogy, throw some darts, and all that jazz.

There’s a big bar in the centre of the venue, and the funky lighting provides a good ambience – light enough for the darts, but dark enough to maintain that vibrant bar feel.

The quirky, fun fair-esque decor adds a playful touch.

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The Atmosphere

The vibe is absolutely spot on.
We arrived at 1:30pm on a Saturday. The place was busy (but not overly mental); a DJ was banging out happy tunes (at a reasonable volume), and there was just generally a great energy about the place.

People were having a seriously good time.

The Pizza

Flight Club4

Not too much to add here. Decent bit of scran – not Rudy’s, sure, but better than most non-pizza places that serve pizza in Manchester.

Helps you keep a level head amidst all the prosecco and competition.

And you can literally eat as much as you like.

The Darts

Listen up, cos this is important.

Forget everything you ever knew or thought you knew about darts. They have propelled the game into the 21st century and beyond.

Flight Club5

The darts and dartboard are all connected digitally – meaning you don’t have to keep score; it’s all done for you and shown on the screens.

What’s more, there are cameras – from different angles – that capture your group’s every move. So when you win a game (for example), they’ll show everybody’s reaction in an “Action Replay”. You can also take photos of your group at any time, as well as create GIFs of you dancing around and being silly.

This makes for some seriously funny content – and Flight Club even send you your ‘Story’, equipped with all of your videos and photos, to your email address the next day.

Moving onto the games themselves – they are very, very fun. Even members of our group who had never thrown a dart before picked up the games easily, and were winning matches from the off.

And, since it is YOU who chooses which games to play and when – after you’ve given them all a go you can effortlessly tailor your entire experience, based on the games your group enjoyed the most.

I won’t get into the game specifics as I’ll be rubbish at explaining them, and you’re best off seeing it for yourself.

The Verdict

Stop reading this right now. Get yourself over to Flight Club’s website and book – you won’t regret it.

You can turn up but it comes with the risk of it being fully booked. Particularly during evenings and weekends.

Enjoy pals.

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