Award-Winning 'FriendsFest' Is Back In Manchester And You Can Still Get Tickets

New dates have been added to the sold out event...


Okay 'Friends', how about some good news for a Tuesday?

The ultimate celebration of the worlds greatest TV sitcom is back AND they've released more tickets so you don't have to miss out.

Friendsfest returns this summer with a 12-week tour of the UK but quickly sold out after the announcement.

But good news is they've released more tickets for us Mancs so we can relive our favourite Friends moments once more.

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The festival has also promised new additions to their 2018 tour, including a whole new set of Ross' apartment as well as a unique photo opportunity of the "Friends" moment voted the fans' favourite...PIVOT!

And everyone favourite moments return too including Monica's apartment, Joey and Chandlers apartment and the famous 'corridor' that seperates them.

You can still grab a coffee at your 'local' Central Perk too.

Basically, if you are a 'Friends' fan - this is the day you've been waiting for.

How to get tickets for Friendsfest

Tickets sell out fast and are limited, but you can check availability and buy them here.


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