4 New and Unusual Things To Try in Manchester This Week

From hula hooping to murder solving...


1. Solve a Real Life Murder Case 

LEAF, 113-115 Portland Street, Manchester, M1 6D
Tuesday 17th April

Funzing are putting on a fantastic event tomorrow, which is a real different one to which we usually see popping up:

Do you fancy yourself as an armchair detective? Do you solve those TV murder drama’s within a few minutes? Is your gut instinct generally right?

If you fit the bill, then with expert guidance to hand, why not try to solve a real life historical unsolved murder. You'll revisit the crime scene, use modern police techniques to profile it, analyse it, look for the clues and the red herrings. Then, as an audience, work your way through witnesses testimony, listening to their stories. 

Gradually, using your own skills, you’ll build up a profile of the potential offender(s) before making your move and arresting them. Will you be part of an investigative team whose aim is to crack a real life murder mystery? 

It's an evening of intrigue, shocks, surprises and good old fashioned detective work is promised. It’s an adult only event, as some crime scene images will be shown, but nothing too gory.

Tickets are £15 available here and doors open at 7pm

2. Martial Art's Beginners Induction

Church Street, Manchester, M4 1PE

17th April, 7pm

Funzing are also running a Beginner's Induction, running every Tuesday and Friday, offering an insight into Martial Arts.

Those who take part will learn about Renzoku Waza (flow drills), basic techniques and general principles, gaining a hands-on learning with a Founder Circle Member in a small, friendly group.

Martial Arts connects tradition, modern applications and two of the biggest sources of Martial Arts: China and Japan. It unlocks the actual fighting content within the art and the philosophy behind it. Regular beginner's inductions open the art for new starters, and if you are an experienced martial artist, it might be the next big step in your personal development.

The experience lets you learn how to punch, kick, lock some joints, try flow drills, get some hints for posture, relaxation and everyday training, and to find out about general martial arts principles.

Costs £6, and you can find out more here.

3. The Psychology of Power and Control

20, Dale Street, Manchester
Wednesday 18th April, £12, 7pm

Looking for an event which involves a lot of adult talk? This is it.

It's an event which covers 'How to be a People Player and Win. Don’t be a sucker! Nice guys finish last!'

This is a deep talk taking place in the Northern Quarter, discussing why everyone wants to hire or associate with the brightest and the best. It will go into how political skill will get you further than Emotional Intelligence or General Mental ability alone. 

In this talk, it aims to help you “wise up” and be aware. It will present the dark arts of people politics from a Mental Toughness and psychological coach.

There will be content shared from the Legendary and Master Politicians, Philosophers, Psychologists and Players such as Machiavelli, Tony Blair, The Mafia, Malcolm Tucker and Donald Trump

A good one if you like to listen, and of course, learn. More information here.

4. Learn to Hula Hoop: Hoop Tone in Manchester

Church Street, Manchester

£10, Saturday 21st and 28th April, 11am

Now this sounds a fun one! Shake off your work blues with some hula hoop fun in Manchester. 

The one hour class will allow you to learn new hoop tricks, exercise in a fun way and get those abs! Ran by The Majorettes - a world record hula hoop troupe led by Marawa The Amazing! 

It's a session that will get you moving, laughing and smiling - you'll be unstoppable by the end of the hour. They say that Hula hooping is the BEST way to make friends and get fit, whilst having a real giggle.

Experience includes:

  • All the help you'll need - beginners & advance
  • Plenty of adult hoops provided 
  • Learn new hula hoop tricks
  • Fun exercise workout - dress in sports clothing - you will sweat!

More information here. 

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