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Take Me Out Are Looking For Their Next Batch Of Singletons

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As we approach the darker and colder months of the year, many of us (including me) might be thinking about how we can secure a certain special somebody (anybody) to fill the void of “winter partner” 2018/19.

Or, who knows, maybe even something a little more long-term is ideal.

What more unorthodox or public way is there of finding your soulmate other than appearing on ITV’s Take Me Out?

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(Image: ITV)

That’s right – Paddy McGuiness is hunting for his next batch of singletons to match up and send off to Fernando.

Before you write it off, it’s worth noting that 7 weddings, multiple engagements, and 5 babies have happened as a result of the show.

That’s FIVE brand new humans, on this planet, thanks to Take Me Out.

The only requirement for applying is that you are 18 or over. And ideally single, I suppose, although I can’t find that written anywhere if you’re feeling bold…

Get your applications in here.

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