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A Music Megastar Will Appear In This Year’s John Lewis Christmas Advert

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With just over 100 days until Christmas, you might forgive us for posting a festive-related article…

No? Fair enough.

We’re gonna do it anyway because this yuletide news is fairly exciting.

The release of the John Lewis Christmas advert has marked the start of the festive season for many people (myself included) and we now know who is going to feature in the upcoming video.

Monty’s Christmas with John Lewis (Image: Karen Roe)

According to the Daily Mail, music megastar Elton John has signed up to appear in the ad and not only that, his hit tune Your Song will provide the soundtrack.

It’s been reported that a younger version of Elton will be seen opening presents at the beginning of the ad, before the fully-grown version brings us the climax from his piano seat.

Elton will also pocket a whopping £5 million for his appearance. Not bad work if you can get it.

Will 2018’s version be an improvement on last year’s (below)?

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