Graham Norton's Got Some Seriously Famous Faces Landing On His Sofa Tonight

This is going to be a belter

Graham N

If the bitterly cold Manchester winds hadn't already confirmed that you'd be skipping the busy bars tonight then the line-up on The Graham Norton Show this week is absolutely guaranteed to sell the sofa to you.

Expect veteran actor Patrick Stewart as well as our favourite The Office star Ricky Gervais. The pair's chemistry back in a 2005 episode of BBC sitcom Extras is sure to be reignited and we can't wait for it.

Patrick will be talking about the upcoming cinema magic that is The Kid Who Would Be King, where modern-day meets old-world magic and the mythical sword Excalibur is discovered...

Meanwhile, Gervais'll be gassing about his Netflix sitcom After Life expected to be released later this year.

Regina King will also be sitting down to chat on her Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination for the critically-acclaimed drama If Beale Street Could Talk.

The legend that is Chiwetel Ejiofor will also be onboard to talk about directing (and starring in) The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind.

Jack Savoretti will be providing the music on the night and it all gets underway on BBC1 at 10.35pm. Tonight. So grab the popcorn and get involved...

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