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First Dates AND First Dates Hotel Are Looking For Applications

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It is the height of winter, and getting mighty cold out there.

Any fellow singletons will understand what it feels like to be devoid of the warmth of another human in January.

Not to fear though, Fred and his team of legendary match-makers are returning for 2019 – thank god – and will be bringing us both First Dates AND First Dates Hotel.

Which means that, if you often find yourself in awe at the couples who are “still together” during the end credits of the show, then you need to get your application in.

Right now.

First Dates Fred1

(Image: First Dates/Channel 4)

Don’t write it off – First Dates has the highest success rate of all the dating shows we know and love.

Meaning more chance of finding love, marriage, babies, and your happily ever after.

One step at a time though, you.

You can apply here.

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