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Naked Attraction Is Back And Looking For Contestants

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Naked Attraction. The gift that keeps on giving.

Who doesn’t remember the first time they watched this show? It was beyond uncomfortable and you just didn’t know where to look.

Then, by the third episode, you’re on the edge of your seat like “let’s see what you’re packing then Dave!”

How does it work?

For any of you nutters who are yet to give it a watch, Naked Attraction is unlike any other…dating… show you’ll ever see.

I do use the word ‘dating’ lightly.

There’s one, fully clothed contestant who wanders in at the start. In front of them are 6 body-length pods, each with humans inside (who you can’t see yet).

The first stage of the show involves a “bottom-half reveal” of the person inside each pod. So yes – the first thing that the contestant (and viewers) see of these people, after their shins and thighs, are their genitalia.


They then give you a twirl so you can have a good look at the backside.

Naked Attraction 1

(Image: Naked Attraction/Channel 4)

Following a series of relatively awkward eliminations and additional reveals, the clothed contestant is left with two remaining others. They then get their kit off themselves, have a bit of a natter, and decide who they’re going on a date with.

How can you apply?

Whilst season 4 has already been filmed and launched, the show is still very much encouraging applications for futures seasons.

Most people who apply make it onto the show so what are you waiting for?

If you do fancy getting your bits out on national television you can apply here.

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