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This Sneaky Hack Means Your Suitcase Will Come Out FIRST On The Carousel

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There’s nothing worse than coming off a long-haul flight and having to wait a further half an hour for your suitcase to come out on the luggage belt.

And why does it always feel like your case comes out very last?

Well luckily for us there might just be a cheeky way to up the odds of your bag being one of the first to come out on the carousel.

According to Travel + Leisure, if you ask the airline staff member at the check-in desk to place a ‘fragile’ sticker on your bag before sending it on to the plane, your bag is more likely to come out first on the luggage carousel.

This is because ‘fragile’ bags are loaded onto the plane last, meaning they will be loaded off the plane first.

And if you really want to get your bag ASAP, try being the last to check in.

Checking in last will mean that your suitcase will be one of the last to be loaded onto a bag cart, and then onto the plane, which might help you beat the chaos at the luggage belt.

But although these methods could increase your chance of being reunited with your suitcase as fast as possible, they aren’t guaranteed to work every time.

And of course if everyone starts doing it, it will be rendered useless.

Can we all agree to do this only when we’re in a mad rush?

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