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You Can Stay In This Adorable Little Yurt In Lancashire For Just £20

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I mean c’mon, who doesn’t?!

I’m an absolute sucker for a cute little getaway in the middle of nowhere, with a log fire, cosy blankets and surrounded by nature.

So when I found this little gem, I looked like the love-heart emoji.

Alden Yurt

Alden Yurt is tucked away in the woodland of the owners farm in Lancashire so it’s just down the road for us Mancs.

‘It’s lined with hand knitted tapestries of native British trees and has a toasty wood burning stove, specialist thermal insulation and a comfy full sized double bed angled so you can doze of while watching the fire. Recline in the old wicker armchair and enjoy the peace of the surrounding woodland.’

Okay I’m sold.

Alden Yurt
Alden Yurt 1
Alden Yurt Lancashire

And you can stay in those cosy little set up for just £20 per person per night, the perfect little getaway without having to rob a bank (not advised).

You can book this with Airbnb and Bob’s your Uncle.

Image credits: Airbnb.co.uk

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