New Laws Coming This Month Mean Manchester Drivers Could Face Massive £2,500 Fine

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MoT testing rules are changing on 20 May 2018, meaning Manchester drivers could face a huge fine of £2,500, even if their current certificate is valid.

A massive change to MoT testing coming this month means that vehicles that were once classed as 'roadworthy', may not be under new rules.

Before, drivers could continue to drive a car that had failed an MoT, even if your certificate was still in date.

Now, under the new rules, if your car fails, it is seen as "dangerous", and if you continue to drive it, you could face a fine of up to £2,500, plus three points on your licence.

The news keeps getting worse - if you've previously been fined within the last three years, you could face a driving ban for up to six months.

Here are the new changes coming this month

All vehicles tested for an MoT will be placed in these three categories:

- Dangerous

- Major

- Minor

All 'dangerous' faults will receive an automatic fail. Minor faults will need repairing, but cars may still pass.

Under new rules, driving a car tested as 'dangerous' is classed as an offence, and will see a fine of £2,500 and three points on your licence. Six month ban if you're found a second time within three months.

According to GOV.UK, these are new items tested in the MoT...

  • if tyres are obviously underinflated
  • if the brake fluid has been contaminated
  • for fluid leaks posing an environmental risk
  • brake pad warning lights and if brake pads or discs are missing
  • reversing lights on vehicles first used from 1 September 2009
  • headlight washers on vehicles first used from 1 September 2009 (if they have them)
  • daytime running lights on vehicles first used from 1 March 2018 (most of these vehicles will have their first MOT in 2021 when they’re 3 years old)

Better get those cars checked out.

You can find out more information on the changes here.

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