New 'Futuristic' Manchester Trains Will Feature Wifi And TV Screens On Seats

Super speedy and comfortable travel is on the way 👏


For those of you who travel regularly, whether to work or long distance, good news is coming...

A new 'futuristic' fleet of trains is coming to the North, bringing along carriages with on-board wifi and personal television screens.

Not only that, but journey times are also due to be slashed.

The new 'Nova 1' trains will be built to run at speeds of up to 140mph, reports Transpennine, with technology from Rolls-Royce and Japanese company Hitachi, who are responsible for bullet trains in the East.

There'll be 19 trains in total, due for testing in Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and Edinburgh in the summer months, ready for use in 2019.

Each of the high-speed trains will feature an on-board entertainment system, where passengers will be able to stream their favourite films and TV shows from the comfort of their seats. There will also be free wifi and USB ports available in both standard and first class.

The technology is similar to Japanese bullet trains, pictured above.

Leo Goodwin, Managing Director for TransPennine Express said: “It’s great that our plans are now becoming reality and I can’t wait for our customers to see and experience these futuristic trains for themselves. 

“New trains mean more seats and the experience onboard these new carriages will be completely transformed. Customers in this part of the world will soon be travelling on some of the newest trains in the country.”

The new fleet is set to be tested in the summer, with a view to being operational in 2019.

Feature Credit: Transpennine Express / Instagram

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