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A Giant Outdoor Inflatable Park Is Coming To Manchester This Weekend

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Anyone who’s looking for a fun activity will be excited to hear the inflatable obstacle course Gung-Ho! is returning to Manchester this weekend.

Gung-Ho! – a 5k inflatable obstacle course – will be set up in Manchester’s Heaton Park, and those with tickets will be able to tackle the course however they choose – by running, walking or bouncing.

Image: Gung-Ho!

Coming to Manchester on Saturday 6th April, obstacles in the Gung-Ho! course include Born Slippy, Final Countdown, Danger Zone and The Wall – and it looks like heaps of fun.

Tickets for the course are £50 and include your own t-shirt, wristband, headband and sticker. You can grab some here.

Images: Gung-Ho!

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