A Special Bee Memorial Will Pay Tribute To Victims Of The Manchester Arena Attack

It'll be in place outside the arena next week - here's how you can get involved


A special 'Manchester bee' project has been set up to remember the 22 victims of the terrorist attack in 2017.

#LoveMCRBees was created by Manchester mum Nikki Lunn, 28, from Stockport, and will be installed outside the Manchester Arena, Quay News reports.

The worker bee symbol has become an icon of solidarity and unity in Manchester since the tragic attack at Ariana Grande's concert at the arena last May.

The memorial will be placed on a wall outside arena, and will comprise of 22 rocks painted with the Manchester bee symbol.

Members of the public are also invited to create their own and leave them with the memorial, with Nikki already having a massive response to the project.

Anyone wishing to get involved can also leave rocks outside Manchester Town Hall or in St Ann’s Square, which will see several events happening throughout the week to mark the one year anniversary.

Lunn tweeted this morning saying she had already received 784 rocks sent to her from members of the public.

Nikki Lunn told Quay News: “The bombing last year affected me a lot. Not only because it’s so close to home, but also because the Arena is attached to Victoria Station, which I use regularly to go to work.

“I’d been thinking for a while how I could do something to pay tribute to all the people who died, were injured and or were affected emotionally in the attack.”

The bee symbol has become popular with Mancunians across social media in the last year. 

A massive public art event, Bee In The City, is taking place in Manchester from 23 July until 23 September 2018, with installations of giant painted worker bees dotted around the city.

Anyone wishing to contribute can find out more information here.

Feature Credit: Nikki Lunn / Twitter

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