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These Two Manchester Experiences Will Make The PERFECT Gift This Christmas

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Everyone has that one friend who’s devilishly tricky to buy for but each and every year you attempt (in vain) to find them the perfect gift…

But it might just be that you’ve been looking in the wrong place.

We’re so obsessed with material possessions these days that we often forget it’s actually the shared experiences, especially those shared with our closest friends and family, that matter the most. And that’s especially true at Christmas time.

Whoever that special someone is and whatever it is they’re interested in, we’ve picked out two seriously slick experiences in Manchester to gift them with this Christmas 2018 – and trust us, they’ll adore ’em.

Breakout Manchester

Christmas vouchers are now available at Manchester’s newest Virtual Reality experience – and this is one festive present idea to write home about.

Satisfyingly challenging and thought-provoking to boot – the escape rooms at this Manchester hidden gem boast something to suit absolutely everyone. Think Harry Potter meets Grimm Fairytale themes – plus a pretty freaky real-life horror one too!

What’s the deal?

Along with your team, you’ll be given one hour only to escape your locked room of choice – and only by pure talent, logic and of course teamwork – can you hope to find your way out, down a secret passageway liberty awaits – or not if you exhaust the set time – no exceptions 😉

All the while, there are mysterious sound effects – creepy witches cackle, or an overseer, giving you and your group hints along the way.

Not only do you give the gift of a shared experience with this Breakout experience, you’ve got an excuse to hang out with your loved one too – as long as they decide to take you that is (awkward.)

Vouchers are available for groups of two, three, four and five and are available to buy at peak and off-peak times. You can find out more information and purchase them here.

Virtual Hideout Manchester

Because who doesn’t want to get lost in a whole other virtual world?

Virtual Hideout offer experiences for all kind of skill levels – from novices to seasoned gamers.

Boasting cutting-edge games using all of the latest technology, the real richness in this place lies in its offering of over one hundred different games, with popular favourites including the Fruit Ninja, Beat Saber and Space Pirate Trainer.

If you know someone who’d love nothing more than a scare this Christmas there’s also an immersive horror experience – think creepy crawlies, clowns and whole new heights of terror.

Exciting themed packages are also on offer here – and they range from sci-fi simulations with fantasies from Star Wars, Star Trek and Fantastic Beasts.

If you have a loved one who loves nothing more that pouring over a puzzle – one of the escape room themed games might also peak your interest – this is a lovely option if you fancy doing something a little different as a family – and is available for children as young as 6.

Vouchers for Virtual Hideout are available here now and there are eight options to choose from – with peak and off-peak vouchers available for up to four people. The voucher can be redeemed in any game slot for any game that has not been booked.

Paired with a cheeky box of Celebrations, we can’t think of much better to be honest.

Hope they love the experiences as much as we do!

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