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Manchester's Virtual Reality Gaming Spot Is The Perfect Thing For The Big Kid In Your Life

Face your fears while stuffing your face with sweeties

Over the years, gaming consoles have just become part and parcel of the furniture in living rooms across the UK, but a venue offering a whole new concept has recently opened in Manchester - and it's about as addictive as cheese when you're a red wine down.


Deansgate Mews at the Great Northern has welcomed a new kind of VR experience called Virtual Hideout - and it's the coolest, most addictive thing to do with friends if you find yourself entertaining.

Virtual Hideout offer experiences for novices as well as seasoned gamers, but whatever your skill level prepare to immerse yourself in a whole other virtual world that feels all too real and plays host to a variety of cutting-edge games using all of the latest technology.

Over one hundred different games are on offer here, so there's something for everyone and you'll be completely spoilt for choice. Popular favourites include the Fruit Ninja, Beat Saber and Space Pirate Trainer - but there's also an immersive horror experience for those who fancy a post-Halloween scare. We won't ruin the surprise for you too much but if you're not a fan of creepy crawlies perhaps avoid this one. At all costs.

The venue offer an exciting array of themed packages, including sci-fi simulations with fantasies from Star Wars, Star Trek and Fantastic Beasts.

Or if you're more partial to a puzzle, you can enjoy the escape room themed games; which is a nice family-friendly option available for children as young as 6.

"Genuinely immersive and thrilling"

Not only is it fantastic fun and something just a little bit different, there are tons of different packages - all depending on your interests and ability, and each experience includes a trained game host, single headset and lasts one hour, so you don't have to feel nervous if you've not done anything like this before.

Prices tend to vary depending on the number of people taking part and the day of the week you visit but you can find out more information and book your tickets here.


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