The North West's Most Boring Profession Has Been Revealed

Are you in it right now?

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A surprisingly vast proportion of the UK workforce will be looking for a new career this year, in fact, according to a recent survey from Investors in People - a good quarter of workers have cold feet about their current jobs and have already begun applying for new ones! 

Research by Kaplan (the UK’s largest accountancy and tax training provider) also reveals that because of "misleading stereotypes" many North West job-seekers could end up overlooking their perfect role.

The stats

- Accountant has been named the most boring job by 47% of North Westerners (no surprises there!) this is ahead of human resource manager and business consultant

 - Teacher, engineer, and nurse have been rated the "most interesting" but men and women differ in terms of what makes an interesting job

 - Teachers are also perceived to have the best work/life balance by a quarter of North Westerners surveyed


Are you in the North West’s most boring profession?

The research highlighted that 47% of North Westerners surveyed chose accountancy as the most boring profession - five-and-a-half times more than human resource manager and business consultant, both of which received the second highest share of votes (8.5%).

Corinne Mills, Managing Director of Personal Career Management, stresses the importance of not relying on stereotypes when considering a new job, but it's pretty tricky:

“It’s always useful to talk to people who work in the type of roles you may be exploring to find out what the day-to-day reality is like."

“You’re likely to find that although there will be elements in common, there will be a huge variation depending on the organisation, sector and even the type of boss you have." 

"For instance, working as an accountant in a bank will be very different from working in a tech start-up, for a consultancy or a media agency. Job satisfaction is about finding a role that plays to your skills and then finding an organisation that fits your personality.”

Kaplan’s survey revealed that when it comes to certain professions, longstanding stereotypes are still rife, and professions that have traditionally been dominated by one gender - such as nursing and engineering - continue to divide opinion along gender lines.

Fancy a more "interesting" career?

Nurse (18%), teacher (16.5%) and engineer (16%) were rated as the top three most interesting jobs. But there were significant differences between the sexes. A quarter of men named engineer as the most interesting job, compared to fewer than one in ten women. 

Likewise, one in four women cited nurse as the most interesting job, compared to just one in eight men.

Furthermore, teaching - which, let's face it, is a profession associated with lengthy holidays, was named as the job with the best work/life balance, receiving 25% of votes from North West respondents (followed by builder with 13% and accountant with 8.5%). 

In reality, while teachers receive 13+ weeks of holiday per year, government figures show that secondary school classroom teachers in England work an average of 55.7 hours per week, while those in primary schools work 59.3 hours per week. 

In contrast, the latest OECD statistics suggest that the average UK worker actually works for 36.6 hours per week.  

Zoe Robinson, Kaplan’s Director of Programmes, says: 

“In the same way that nursing and engineering can be rich and rewarding professions, accountancy isn’t just about filing tax returns. You could travel the world as an auditor, grow a business as a management accountant or even work for yourself as a bookkeeper."

“What’s also clear is that the majority of people prioritise pay and work/life balance over the level of ‘interest’ they place in a job. Previously, our student surveys have told us that the most common reasons for undertaking a career change into accountancy are career progression, financial benefit and personal development." 

"These are the truly important factors that people should consider when planning the next step in their career.”

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