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The News You’ve All Been Waiting For – Doctors Say We Need Naps At Work

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No this isn’t a dream, although you could be dreaming at work soon, thanks to this bombshell (which is actually pretty unusual for a bombshell).

According to sleep expert Dr. Daniel Barone, of New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Centre, a short nap can definitely help improve alertness, productivity, and even overall happiness in a worker. There have been a lot of studies, including one by NASA, that suggest a 40-minute nap improves alertness in astronauts by a substantial amount. 

A recent study in France showed that after a night of sleep deprivation, people get an inflammatory response, i.e. the body does not like to be sleep deprived. A quick nap the next day actually reduced that inflammatory response, so it’s beneficial not only to how one feels, but also to what’s going on inside the body. 

Barzone even suggests a 20-30 minute post-lunchtime nap, when our energy levels dip, as napping too late in the day can inhibit your ability to fall asleep that evening.

This is the best news we’ve heard all year. Now please excuse us while we go… do something more important.


H/T Thrillist.com.

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