The 10 Ultimate Signs That Your Relationship Is Meant To Be

Forget mutual attraction – do you both use the same phone charger?

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Forget compatible personalities, forget mutual attraction and even forget (gasp!) road frontage.

These days, the secrets to a successful relationship are all contained within a few simple practicalities. And we've outlined them for you...

1. You both use the same phone charger

This isn't about Android vs Apple.

This is, quite simply, about being able to stay in theirs and not having to worry about packing a charger on top of everything else.

(NB: If you don't currently use the same phone, but you both have a spare charger 'of the other sort', this is equally acceptable.)

2. You both use the same laptop charger

These are generally far bulkier than phone chargers, and so this is perhaps even more important than the above point.


3. You’re both into #cleaneats...

... or you both like to laugh at people who are into #cleaneats

Either or.


4. You both share an irrational hatred of one particular ingredient

So it can be banned from the house with no disparity.

Or better still, you're both allergic to the same ingredient... or better STILL, you're both coeliac or lactose intolerant!


5. You hail from rival counties

Because being from the same county is boring – but rocking up to Liverpool on a matchday with a United jersey is just absolute fodder for press photographers.

6. You have a shared philosophy towards the snooze button

There are the up-and-at-'em types, and the ones who like to hit 'snooze' 20 times before actually getting up.

And ne'er the twain should meet.


7. You have similar tastes in Netflix bingeing

I mean, just imagine one watched Making A Murderer and the other didn't?

8. You share the same initials

Because everyone loves monogrammed shit, but half-price is always better.


9. You share a 'guilty pleasure' takeaway

And more importantly, you both fall on the same side in the Great 3-in-1 Debate.

10. And finally... you both prefer either red or white wine

Sounds simple, but it had to be said. Because only bajillionaires can afford to drink by the glass, in fairness.


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