If You're Spending New Year's Eve In, You're Not Alone

Fuck you, FOMO

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Tonight's the night - the party night of the year. The night it all kicks off.

Unless.. Well, fuck it, who the hell wants to go out now?

It's a week into proper winter chub, your liver hates you after a prosecco-powered December and there's just no need for more parties.

And, thanks to a recent survey conducted by Drizly in partnership with Netflix, you have no need to feel FOMO for kicking back at home.

According to Drizly, 69% of people surveyed plan to either host a New Year’s Eve party at home or go over to a mate's.

A further 15% said they’re going to stay home and watch Netflix.

And just 16% said they’ll either be heading “out on the town” or having a nice dinner with friends.

So kick back and stay in - you've earned it.

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