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Here’s What “Mean Girls” Would Be Like If It Was Set In Manchester

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Ever found yourself wondering what Mean Girls would be like if it was set in Manchester? We’ve compiled a list of things that would 100% happen if the beloved movie was well and truly Mancunian.

1. It wouldn’t be called ‘Mean Girls’, it would be called ‘Mean Gals’.

2. And Cady would deffo not be called Cady, but Katie.

3. But instead of Africa, she would be from London because, let’s face it, to us Northerners that’s exotic AF.

4. Karen, Gretchen, and Regina would be called Lauren, Georgina, and Rachel.

5. And Aaron Samuels would still be called Aaron, but it would be pronounced a little bit differently…

6. “AaRON”

7. He would probably look a little different as well, but that’s just because this is REAL LIFE and not a HOLLYWOOD MOVIE.

8. He’d still have fantastic hair, however.

9. Regina’s mum – June George – would 100% be a WAG, or a Real Housewife of Cheshire. Fo’ sure.

10. But she wouldn’t be so cool about her daughter and her boyf alone upstairs together because she’d already be a nan at 35.

11. Regina wouldn’t be Susan calling from Planned Parenthood, but rather Brenda calling from the NHS.

12. The sweatpants rule wouldn’t apply to Mondays, but EVERY DAMN DAY.

13. Cady would bump into Ms. Norbury in the Trafford Centre, but there would be zero eye contact made and gazes would instantly hit the floor.

14. She’d then text all of her friends that she saw her and that teachers are, in fact, real people and have lives outside of school.

15. Karen’s boobs wouldn’t predict a 30% chance of rain, but 100% chance of rain.

16. “Fetch” would already be happening, except it would be used by their 86-year-old grandmas when they ask them to make them a brew.

17. “Fetch me a cuppa, Cady”

18. We’d hope this dance move would still happen because, let’s be honest, it’s one of the best things about Mean Girls.

19. But we doubt the group would be able to perform their saucy Jingle Bell Rock rendition without getting pulled off the stage by a red-faced headteacher thirty seconds in.

20. There’s no way they’d get away with this skirt length either.

21. Can you imagine a world where everybody in Mean Girls wears school uniforms?!

22. Because then the whole “you can’t sit with us” sitch would be void, and the whole “we wear pink on Wednesdays” would be completely ruined.

23. Karen wouldn’t suggest going to Taco Bell, but she would say “let’s go fer a Nando’s, ‘ey?”.

24. Regina: “I was half a virgin when I met him”

25. *Also, a mum of three.

26. Principal Duvall’s and Ms. Norbury’s ‘girl gathering’ would be some assembly with a shitty powerpoint presentation.

27. And the ‘Burn Book’ would be a series of graffiti on desks and at the back of the school bus.

One thing that would be the same – the girls would still be mean AF.

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