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FIRST LOOK: Iconic Hummer Showroom Turned Music Venue Opening In October

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Once a Manchester icon and premium showroom for some of the world’s most luxurious cars (not to mention Hummers!) Bauer Millett was forced to close its doors after 40 years of business, unable to withstand unpredictable market pressures.

A dynamic location – its closure was felt by the people of the city and its been long-eyed up by new tenant Simon Naylor to make something of this stunner of a space.

In comes 53Two – it’s officially landing THIS October and it’s aiming to be the biggest, freshest and most versatile arts venue this city has seen. And considering the competition that’s quite an ask.

53Two (now a registered charity) is set to be a permanent fixture within the Manchester’s art scene. 

The venue will be split into 53 (a cafe) and Two (a bigger space, which will mainly be used for theater shows). Exhibitions, gigs, private events and rehearsals are set to light up the previously disused space and once operational and staffing costs have been met, profits will be held in a pot and distributed regularly to help fund the city’s latest and upcoming-creative talent!

Opening night will be 11th October and tickets are limited so if you’re after some banging tunes make sure you move – fast.

Simon and his partners have got lots in the pipeline for this dynamic space. Immersive cinema (starting with a special treat on all-hallows-eve), a busking space and indoor ice-skating are just some plans for it…

They’re already rearing to go and set to host the Manchester Food & Drink Festival’s ‘The Binner Party‘, and word on the rumour mill is that this is going to be a big highlight of The Manchester Food and Drink Festival 2016.

Also watch out for 53Two’s own food and drink festival ‘Nom Nom’ the first weekend of October.

53Two is set to open in October. 

For more info on upcoming news and events you can visit 53two.com.

For all you socialites – the latest updates, upcoming events and info on how to get involved can be found on 53Two’s Twitter page.

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