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15 Hilarious Lies To Tell Your Young Cousins On Christmas Day

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Christmas is a time for family – and that can be a real pain in the arse sometimes.

So, to make things just a little bit more fun, we put together 15
fantastically entertaining lies tall tales with which you can regale
your younger relatives, should you draw the short straw and be stuck at
the kiddies’ table.

Use responsi… actually no, don’t.

1. Mince pies are made of minced meat

Easy, simple, effective – and seasonal.

200 1

2. That present you got was a mistake, and it’ll be swapped for coal later on in the day

It happened to one of your other cousins one year, and he’s never really gotten over it.

200 3

3. Robins are Santa’s helpers

And that you must be good EVERY TIME THERE IS A BIRD IN THE SKY.

200 5

4. Adults can read your thoughts

And there’s an official passing over ceremony at your 18th.

Don’t think anything bold now…

200 7

5. ‘Santa got you something shit’

The ultimate seed of doubt.

200 8

6. Animals talk when you’re not in the room

And throw parties when you leave the house.

200 11

7. If you wee in the shower, it comes out the nozzle

Like a fountain.

This just encourages good hygiene, if nothing else.

200 12

8. Every time you lie, you get a spot

Bit shit when you realise it’s not that simple, but pretty solid until then.

200 13

9. Everyone only gets to use 1,000 words a month

And when you use them all up, you can’t speak until the next month.

So when they’re starting to annoy you, just say ‘you’ve just hit 900’

200 14

10. There’s no TV on at night because that’s when the characters go to sleep

Sure, when else would they rest?


11. Chocolate milk comes from brown cows

And liquorice milk from black ones.

12. You only see fairies/aliens/unicorns if you’re really good

‘What? You haven’t seen one? Try being better’

200 2

13. ‘Oh, this isn’t Coke, it’s black water’

(Game-changer when you’re running out of mixer)

200 3

14. I hear you’re allergic to Celebrations

Illegal move by an adult eyeing up the final Galaxy Caramel – survival of the fittest rules supreme.

200 4

15. If you don’t wash your hands, they’ll fall off

Cleaning up this world one stinking child at a time.

200 5

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