13 Manchester Nightclubs That We All Went To That Are Now Sadly Closed

Gone but not forgotten


You name the music style, Manchester has played a part in its success.

We gave the world Madchester, the first ever superclub and even, some say, Northern Soul.

And here are the spots where it all happened. Remember when...

1. Hacienda

Where: Whitworth Street West

What you say: "Many many fantastic memories from this place."

2. Sankeys

Where: Radium Street

What you say: "If Sankeys came back to Manchester I'd go every weekend, took it for granted so much."

3. Twisted Wheel

Where: Whitworth Street

What you say: "The birthplace of Northern Soul."

4. New Continental Club

Screen Shot 2017 10 22 At 12 54 04

Where: Harter Street

What you say: "If you were wearing a suit/tie, you wouldn't get in!"

5. Idol's Bar and the Lazy Pig

Screen Shot 2017 10 22 At 13 16 36

Where: Oldham Street

What you say: "A rough old basement bar full of plastered youngsters in the '90s."

6. Jilly's Rockworld

Where: Oxford Road

What you say: "I used to dance to We Are Scientists and drink vodka lemonade at Jilly's RockWorld in Manchester."

7. The Boardwalk

Where: Little Peter Street

What you say: "The home of The Stone Roses, Oasis, The Verve, James..."

8. Rotters

Where: Oxford Street

What you say: "OMG I met my other half there New Year's Eve 1980 - where has the time gone?"

9. 21 Piccadilly

Where: Errr... 21 Piccadilly

What you say: "I remember that place so much. How I didn't fall down those stairs on way out is a miracle..."

10. Man Alive

Screen Shot 2017 10 22 At 13 35 56

Where: Grosvenor Street

What you say: "The dancefloor was small, but that was OK with me"

11. Discotheque Royale

Where: Peter Street

What you say: "One of my favourite venues as a youth."

12. The Swinging Sporran

Screen Shot 2017 10 22 At 13 41 01

Where: Sackville Street

What you say: "Memories of many a happy night as a student at The Swinging Sporran. Those were the days."

13. International Nightclub

Screen Shot 2017 10 22 At 13 42 16

Where: Anson Road, Longsight

What you say: "Once kissed in the gents at the International nightclub in Manchester by Martin from Sigue Sigue Sputnik."

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