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12 Epic Toys That Every 90’s Kid Had On Their Wishlist

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If you’ve been anywhere near a child this Christmas time, then you’ll likely have heard their wishlist rant. “I want an Ipad, a smartwatch and a toy that hatches itself from an egg.” Jeez. 

Parents have got it tough with this generation. If only their little darlings had been 90’s babies, then they’d be more than happy with a ball attached to an elastic piece of string (true story.)

So, in the spirit of festive nostalgia, we’re taking a trip back to the days when playtime was offline.

Here are 12 toys that every 90’s girl HAD to have under the Christmas tree (otherwise Santa was in for it…)

1. Sky Dancers

Barbie earned her wings back in the 90’s with these wacky winged dolls. They flew everywhere but where you wanted them to go, which only confirmed your belief that fairies were real.

2. Trolls

Back in the good ol’ days, Trolls weren’t keyboard warriors that flocked to Twitter to vent their pent-up feelings, but something much cuter. They were fluorscent-haired little figurines with bejewelled bellies that you could rub to make wishes. I think we’d all prefer the 90’s version.

3. Pound Puppies

These super cute toys had to be rescued ‘from the pound’ by buying them and taking them home. Guilt-tripping kids was some pretty effective marketing, because everyone had at least one Pound Puppy, even if it was just the knock-off one from the Maccies Happy Meal.  

4. Fashion wheel 

Fashion-forward kids could build their ‘outfit of the day’ on a fancy colouring wheel and immortalise it forever with crayons. It was a top-notch toy back in the day.

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5. Sylvanian Families

These little furry creatures lived in AMAZING houses. Sylvanian familes were a more creative upgrade to dolls houses, meaning that you wanted every single set under the Slyvanian sun to complete your collection.

6. Polly Pocket

Before Pokemon cards were THE collectable, there were Polly Pockets. Though Polly originated from a slightly pinker, more sparkly world, the collectors principle still stood: the bigger your collection, the cooler the kid. And some girls’ Polly Pocket collections knew no bounds. 

7. Skip it

‘Skip it’ was pretty much a ball attached to a piece of elastic string that you could then swing around your leg and jump over. So simple, yet it could entertain for hours on end.

8. Dreamphone

Many the 90’s girl spent hours trying to get hold of allusive guys on this mobile game (no change there then). The game invited you to ring boys and invite them to your party, and then try to steal boys off your friends to be crowned winner.

9. Gameboy Colour

As loyal as you had been to your original Gameboy, there’s no denying that everything is just so much better in colour. One glimpse of that entrancing screen, and you forgot all about how you used to view the Mario world in a pixelated grey.

10. Tamagotchi

Long before apps and iPhones, the Tamagotchi reigned supreme of the toy tech world. EVERYONE had one of these little gadgets that beeped non-stop until you fed it. Some managed to look after their virtual pets, others threw them under their beds until they stopped beeping once and for all…

11. Poo-chi

Once you’d proven your electronic pet parenting skills, it was time for the real deal – or at least, something that looked a little more like it. It may have been metallic and rigid, but the Poo-chi was in some ways better than a real-life pup; it’s eyes lit up, it had fluorescent ears and it could do flips. Can your dog do that? Nah, didn’t think so… 

12. Furby

It was these bug-eyed babies that were the number one must-have on every kids wishlist for Christmas 1999. Parents were driven into frenzies queuing at toy stores and fighting over the owl-like toys, afraid of what might happen if their child didn’t find one under the Christmas tree. So what that their ears made this weird scratchy noise or that they were limited to either sneezing or repeatedly saying “Yummmmm hungry!”, no 90’s toybox was complete without one. 

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